Our Clients
Flag Country Clientsort descending Address
Lebanon Salloum Bros. Salaata - Batroun, North Lebanon
Lebanon Saltek Est. Dora- Beirut
Cyprus Sarmed A. Yacoub Limasol
Mali Satcoma Sarl Bamaro
Cote d’Ivoire Satoci-ci Abidjan
Gabon Satoga Liberville
Saudi Arabia Saudi Lebanese Factories Co. Jeddah
Lebanon Sea Sweet Zahle - Bekaa
Lebanon Second House Productions Mazraat Yechouy - Meten
Lebanon Seif El Dine Fouad Est. Beirut
Egypt Shaheene cafe Giza
Cote d’Ivoire Sicoa Abidjan
Lebanon Simon Farah Zalka
Gabon Sipal-Ga Liberville
Lebanon Societe Des Usines des Engrais Organiques Dekwaneh - Beirut
Congo Societe Panache Kinshasa
Senegal Sogepal Sar Dakar
Morocco Ste. Benchekroun Fes
Lebanon Supermarket Jbeil Jbeil
Jordan Taher Sharouri & Sons Co. Amman
Palestine Taher Sharouri & Sons Co. Nablous
Nigeria Taj Eldine Youssef Lagos
Lebanon Termoplast Roumieh - Matn
UAE Trofina Food (Middle East) Sharjah
Ghana United Biscuit Acra
USA United Trading Group Michigan
Lebanon UNRWA Bir Hassan - Beirut
Jordan UNRWA Amman
Jordan UNRWA Jerusalem / West Bank
Germany UPS-SGS GMBH & Co. Frankfurt
France Vec International Paris XVeme
UAE Venus Corporation Abu Dhabi
Barbados W.I.[Hill Milling Co. Ltd] -
Lebanon Wadi El Akhdar Beirut
Lebanon WMCY Offices Beirut - Lebanon
Lebanon Wooden Bakery Antellias - Beirut
Brazil Zeenny Mikhael Kheir Sao Paolo


A Few Facts about Wheat

Wheat was first planted in the United States in 1777 as a hobby crop.

A Few Facts about Coffee

Coffee is the second most sold commodity around the world. Coffee stands second as oil (fuel) secured the first place in the list of most sold commodities around the globe.

A Few Facts about Olive Oil

Olive oil has 5mg of flavenoid polyphenols for every 10 grams of oil.

These polyphenols are natural anti-oxidants that can prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce the overall effects of aging.

A Few Facts about Nuts

Nuts possess a large amount of fat and protein. Chestnuts are exceptional, which contains mostly carbohydrate and little amounts of fat or protein.

Thus, we can say that, along with fish, meat, eggs, poultry and legumes, nuts may be categorized under the food group of 'protein'.