Wheat Cooking Pot

Wheat Cooking Pot

Wheat Cooking Pot

Wheat Cooking Pot WCP-500

It is used to cook wheat in burghul production. The cooking boiler is heated directly through light oil fuel or gas burner. It is isolated by double wall and cereamic inside. All parts of the cooking basket and cooking pot are made of stainless steel 304.

The cooking oven is made from painted carbon steel. It is equipped with a combustion chamber which the parts in touch with the flame are made from stainless steel, isolated with ceramic fiber, which can resist even the highest temperatures. It can be heated by gas or light oil fuel burner.

The cooking basket serve to take off the boiled wheat from the cooking pot by means of an electric lift capacity 2tons (Electric lift not included)

The machines are manufactured according to the European safety rules.

All material entering in the construction are CE approvals.

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