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Linear Vibrating Screenette, model LVS-150, is used for seeds and grains. It... Learn More
Coating Nut with housing, used for coating nuts with sugar, spices and Krikri... Learn More
Linear Vibrating Screener, model LVS-260, is used for seeds and grains. It se... Learn More
Nut Air Cooling Machine is for cooling roasted nuts. It is made of stainless... Learn More
Linear Vibrating Screener, model LVSS-360, 4 different undersized materials,... Learn More
Linear Vibrating Screener, model LVS-3100, is used for seeds and grains.... Learn More
Nut Boiling Machine is made of a boiling cooker and a perforated basket which... Learn More
Air Screen Cleaner and Selecting Machine for bourghul, seeds and grains. It r... Learn More
Auto-Discharge Nut Roasters have capacity of 100 Liters. They are easily di... Learn More
Wheat Peeling Machine is powered by an electric belts-driven motor 10hp. Peel... Learn More
Pneumatic conveyor PC-5 is designed especially for the transport of gree... Learn More
Auto-Discharge Nut Roaster, nuts are discharged by reversing the drum rotatio... Learn More
Powder Filler Container Model PFC-120 can fill automatically container by all... Learn More
The raw goods are inserted into the filling funnels that were designed for st... Learn More
FM-1000 is a centrifugal mill with exchangeable stainless steel screens for s... Learn More
Press Green Olive PGO-170 is equipped with 2 cylinders diameter 170mm, hopper... Learn More
Vibrating Nut Cleaner, model VNC-100 for the roasted nuts. They are made from... Learn More
Manual Nut Salting Machine NSM-30-50 used for polishing, salting, mixing nuts... Learn More
Nut Frying Machine is made of a boiling cooker and a perforated basket which... Learn More
Olive Sorting Machine for green olive, it is equipped with turbine 100w, remo... Learn More
Nut Salting Machine Automatic NSA-80 capacity: 60-80kg, used for polishing, s... Learn More
Potato and Vegetables Washing machine PVW-25 is suitable for washin... Learn More
The Semi-Automatic Mixing Grinding Plant moves the products through clos... Learn More
Ambar Coffee Shop Roaster was designed especially to meet the needs of gourme... Learn More
APPLICATION: The Thyme Thresher Machines Model TTM-300 is a robust build qual... Learn More
The semi-automatic grinding plant move roasted coffee through close... Learn More
The hydraulic fruit press, capacity 15 tons, is powered by a flanged electric... Learn More
The machines are manufactured according to the European safety rules. All ma... Learn More
Ambar Auto-Discharge Coffee Sample Roaster model NCR-1, was designed especial... Learn More
Dates Grinding Machine with Nucleus Model 600 DG is a very important mac... Learn More
Sorting Belt has a working width 40 cm, high 105 cm and length 200 cm. It i... Learn More
Apollo Nut Roasters have capacity of 50/100 Liters. They are suitable for r... Learn More
Mill Stone Tahini for grinding Sesame, body made of mild steel construction c... Learn More
Horizontal Hammer Mill, equipped with double phase centrifugal grinding syste... Learn More
Self-Drying Burghoul Production Plant Model BPP-500 Hourly Production of Bur... Learn More
Air Screen Cleaner and Selecting Machine for bourghul, seeds and grains.... Learn More
Twin Steel Plate Grinding Machine grinds Burghul, grains, salt, stones a... Learn More
Nut Grinder, formed from dented cylinders, grinds fine and coarse nut without... Learn More
Exclusive Ambar Hot-Air System softens the heat and allows the beans to roast... Learn More
Coffee Hammer Mill is equipped with double phase centrifugal grinding system... Learn More
Horizontal Mixer assures a perfect mixing of powders and granular materials e... Learn More
Coffee Steel Plate Grinder is equipped with steel plates grinder dia.14 cm an... Learn More
Vertical Mixer ideal for mixing grains and powder, reliability and safety for... Learn More
The Horizontal Hammer Mill Grinder With Container, equipped with double phase... Learn More
Horizontal Hammer mill-Continuous Grinding, is equipped with a double phases... Learn More
Vertical hammer mill, Kaak version, powered by an electric flanged motor 4HP.... Learn More
Kichek Grinding Machine grinds sugar fine powder, rice, spices, Kicheck &... Learn More
This is Ambar newest model GFS-120 electronic weighing filler in the popular... Learn More


A Few Facts about Wheat

Wheat was first planted in the United States in 1777 as a hobby crop.

A Few Facts about Coffee

Coffee is the second most sold commodity around the world. Coffee stands second as oil (fuel) secured the first place in the list of most sold commodities around the globe.

A Few Facts about Olive Oil

Olive oil has 5mg of flavenoid polyphenols for every 10 grams of oil.

These polyphenols are natural anti-oxidants that can prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce the overall effects of aging.

A Few Facts about Nuts

Nuts possess a large amount of fat and protein. Chestnuts are exceptional, which contains mostly carbohydrate and little amounts of fat or protein.

Thus, we can say that, along with fish, meat, eggs, poultry and legumes, nuts may be categorized under the food group of 'protein'.